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05 Mar

A Stitch in Time: 36 weeks and counting

In 2002, I ran the London Marathon, 26.2 miles of fun and pain. I remember that the first 8 miles flew by in a heartbeat, the next 8 or so started to hurt a bit, the next 4 felt like an eternity, and then as I passed the 20th mile, I felt a renewed burst of energy like I could run all night, even though I still had 6.2 miles to go. That’s how I think about passing the 36 week mark, especially for Jane, who has had one hell of a run. Not long until the finish line now…


I am now 36 weeks pregnant and I think it would be fair to say I haven’t had an easy ride. My first trimester was characterised by weeks of cramps and bleeding, then I had an operation to put a stitch in my cervix at 14 weeks, followed by a second trimester of strict bed rest accompanied by fear and worry of losing my baby, then the majority of the first month of my third trimester was spent in hospital due to threatened premature birth. Since my release from hospital at 32 weeks things have started to look up, and as you can imagine I am overjoyed to have made it almost to term.

In some ways I have been lucky, despite being on bed rest: I haven’t got huge (it’s still mostly baby) I’ve had no swelling, stretch marks, back aches or many other aches and pains associated with pregnancy. These small bonuses have made me feel a little better about what I’ve been through, and to be honest, although i know life doesn’t work like this, I almost feel like I’m owed a bit of good stuff.

So, what I wasn’t expecting was to be struck down by a horrid stomach bug just when things were looking up. How can that be fair? So far 2 days in bed and hours of rushing to the bathroom, and severe stomach cramps. It’s not pregnancy-related; it’s just bad luck. Why can’t some other non-pregnant person have it instead of me? I thought I’d paid my dues! I’ve been reassured the baby can’t be affected by it, and that is by far the most important thing.

In order to stay positive whilst confined to my sick bed, I have to reflect on what strength it took to get here, and amazement that me and this little girl have got further than I ever thought we’d get. I really can’t wait to meet her now (not to mention get this pregnancy over and done with!) and I know I will be a stronger person and a better mother because of all it has taken to get here.

My stitch comes out this week and then we can truly be on count down. In the meantime, as rotten as I feel, I’m focussing on getting rid of this annoying bug, and the amazement of actually being 36 weeks pregnant. I’m also praying to the pregnancy Gods to get me better quick and then speed up time so we can meet this little one and embark on the next part of this wonderful, painful, scary, and amazing journey!

(Side note to the pregnancy Gods: if you could just grant me an easy birth and super well-behaved baby, then I think we’re quits. Many thanks, A slightly delusional, Jane.)


  1. 05 Mar


    Yay! Congratulations! So happy for you. I just had the stomach bug too. Hopefully just 48 hrs of hell and then you’re back to normal.

  2. 06 Mar


    So great to hear your spirts are still hi Jane! Nearly there now!

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