02 Sep

14 weeks of Baby

Where has the time gone? A minute ago, I had a squishy newborn in my arms and now I’ve got a giggling baby. My iCal tells me it’s September. On my last trip to Mothercare, I noticed with horror that they are already starting to push their Baby Santa and Elf outfits.

Seeing how it’s been a while since Baby’s First Photoshoot, I thought it was high time that I share a few more photos with you. One of the favourite games we play is “Let’s take pictures of Baby”, in which I dress her up in funny outfits and take her to the studio. She’s been photographed with all of her grandparents, her aunt, and a Welsh Rugby ball. My father actually re-Photoshopped that last image, so that she was holding an Italian football. Thus the rivalry for her genealogical loyalties begins!

One of my favourite pastimes is scrounging the Internet for fun animal costumes to photograph her in. By her first birthday, it’s very likely she’ll have been dressed as the entire cast of The Wind in the Willows as well as Beatrix Potter. I hope it doesn’t give her a cross-species identity crisis.

Anyway, enjoy! Let me know what’s your favourite.


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  1. 02 Sep

    Michelle Fox-Reynolds

    I remember taking tons of Layla now Layla hide’s from the camera I’m hoping she will warm to it again soon,Have you look on esty they have some gorgeous knitted hats. I love the one with Daddy with Daddy’s smile as big as ever magically xxxx

  2. 02 Sep


    Love the red glasses and bunny ears shots

  3. 02 Sep


    Just lovely! It’s got to be the bunny ear shot for me as a fav! And like Chanelle, I’m lovin the red shades! Hee hee! She’s gorgeous, and growing fast. x

  4. 02 Sep

    Ian Wood

    So looking forward to ours, we are about 14 weeks pregnant, woohoo !

  5. 02 Sep


    I love how adult her facial expression is in most of these. She’s a pro!

  6. 02 Sep

    Hilary Binns

    I love the one where she is sleeping with the cuddly blanket lit slightly from behind – truly gorgeous.
    Treasure these and look back on them when her favourite word is “NO!” :)

  7. 03 Sep

    Julia from ICAWatermelon

    Congratulations, Ian!

  8. 04 Sep


    I love her interpretation of Jack Nickolson

  9. 08 Sep

    Darlene Coberly

    Beautiful baby. Looks just like her relatives in the US. Hmmm, her mum must be a photographer with all the lovely pics!

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