I’m a diplomat from America to the UK. Not in any official capacity, but I consider it my duty to assure the British that Americans aren’t as bad as they seem on TV or on the Tube. I fulfill many people’s “token American friend” checkbox and, in my husband’s case, “token American wife.” Having worked half of his life for American companies, marrying a Yank was the last thing on his agenda. But I used my innate New Jersey charm on him and resistance was futile. I only had to threaten him a little bit.

I’ve lived in the UK for 13 years now – more than a third of my life. In that time, I worked as an advertising copywriter, married a Welshman, switched my career to photography, grew my business into one of the top wedding photography companies in the UK, became a columnist for Photo Pro magazine, and now my Welsh husband works with me at our photography studio in Wimbledon, where we shoot lots of babies. (www.juliaboggiostudios.com)

We are also the couple that did the dance from Dirty Dancing at our wedding, thus starting a worldwide craze in fun first dances. Due to our dance, we appeared on news programmes across the world, including Richard & Judy, ITV News, GMTV, BBC Breakfast in the UK; Sunrise TV in Australia; and The Oprah Winfrey Show in America, where I actually danced with the incomparable Patrick Swayze. You may have seen our dance on You Tube, which has now had over 8 million hits. Our friends keep asking us to get the f@&* off their television sets.

And now, we’re dancing on to the next stage of our lives. When we finally got pregnant after 3 years of trying very hard, I Carried a Watermelon seemed like the perfect name for my blog. When I got engaged the first thing I did was to stock up on bridal magazines. When I got pregnant, the first thing I did was download the What to Expect app onto my iPhone, which, among other things, gives you weekly fruit comparisons for the size of your baby. At the time of writing this, my baby is currently a banana (20 weeks). It’s the highlight of my week on every Thursday when I discover what my new fruit is. I can’t wait until I am actually carrying a watermelon.

So in this blog, I’m going to talk about lots of stuff. First off, the highs and lows of pregnancy and parenthood. Second, the joys and pains of running a business while starting a family, especially when you run it with your husband.  And third, being a “mom” in a world full of “mums”. I may also pepper it with the occasional thoughts on theatre, movies, books and my other two children, who are cats and, I’m hoping, not prone to baby smothering.

Thank you for reading and I sincerely hope you enjoy my ramblings. For that is what they are.